Latest updates


Dashboard has been designed to integrate with obooks and will give both teachers and students a different representation of the content we are currently serving to the platform. Dashboard has been developed to make lesson preparation faster and easier for time-poor teachers. Teachers gain access to media-rich extra resources in the one place to help them deliver incredibly engaging digital learning experiences for their students. They will also have the ability to assign extras to their students from the dashboard view directly.

Oxford Ascend

Oxford Ascend is the new home of online resources for higher education students to help them study and succeed. These resources are designed for students to practise, revise and test their knowledge. Higher Education Oxford Digital obooks can also be accessed through Oxford Ascend.

Other changes include:

  • New look and feel for screens – both on the front end of the website and inside the obook platform
  • More visual and re-structured Help Centre broken down by platform – easier to navigate with greater search functionality